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Harar Sunrise Tour


Harar is located south east of Dire Dawa along a winding road which is said to be one of the most scenic in the world. The road follows the stream up a large valley where you can see camels bearing their loads. You will climb 800 meters (2,600 feet) in less than 25km (15.5 miles) and when you reach the top you will have a spectacular view of the Rift Valley.



When entering the old walls you meet the Harari or Adare. The Harari homes for the most part are two-storyed, rectangular flat-roofed brown stone or white washed houses.

The Harari women strolling through the town provide a bright splash of color as they are often dressed in red, purple, or black dresses with velvet trousers and bright orange shawls balancing heavy bundles of cloth or baskets on their head.

There are two small markets within the city one of the markets is quite photogenic with white buildings and colorfully dressed women selling fruit, grain, baskets and other wares.

Harar is famous for the work of its silversmiths who craft beautiful necklaces, anklets, arm bands, bangles and earrings. These items can be found in the markets, but some of the best selections are found in the homes of the craftsmen and women. These shops are scattered throughout the towm.


Places of interest inside the walled city include Ethiopian Orthodox Church Medhane Alem. The church contains many traditional works of art. A bronze equestrain statue of the ras by well known artist Afewerk Tekle is in the center of Ras Makonmen Square. The Military Academy founded by Emperor Halile Selassie faces the square and is decorated with an interesting stained glass window depicting Ethiopian rulers of the past. Also, of interest is the Ras Makonnen's Palace and Jami Mosque.



On the outskirts of the city as evening falls you can encounter Harar's famous "Hyenna Men." These men throw meat, offal, and bones to the packs of wild hyenna that come down from the surrounding hills. The Hyenna men chant hypnotically to the hyenna and they feed them by hand and mouth.

It is quite amazing to see that these men can feed hyennas by hand and mouth and the hyennas do not bite them. Tourist are quite fascinated by watching this.

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